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Composite-Panels for facades

IN-COMPO are associated Aluminum composite panels with a standard PE core or with a synthetic mineral core for the FR quality. Thanks to the PVDF paint technology, the panels are extremely resistant to weathering, corrosion, aging and UV rays.

IN-COMPO is shock resistant, shatter-proof, anti-vibration, extremely uniform, and is also available with fire protection class B-s1, d0 or on request A2-s1, d0.

ApplicationsFacade Others


  • guarantee until 20 years
  • small quantities available
  • versatile production sizes and dimensions on request to reduce waste
  • immediately ready for installation, quick, trouble-free installation
  • light editing in folded and bent
  • wide range of standard colors and possibility of colors on request
  • various surface finishes with special effects and material on request
  • large formats
  • recyclable
  • possibility of fireproof panels, on request A2-s1, d0

Please choose your desired color:

For other colors and special finishes and to know the technical characteristics and application possibilities, please refer to the technical departments of INPEK.

90-101-0912 Beigesolid 90-101-0912 Beige 90-113-0912 Pearl Whitesolid 90-113-0912 Pearl White 90-114-0912 Ivorysolid 90-114-0912 Ivory 90-118-0912 Yellowsolid 90-118-0912 Yellow 90-209-0912 Traffic Orangesolid 90-209-0912 Traffic Orange 90-302-0912 Traffic Redsolid 90-302-0912 Traffic Red90-303-0912 Ruby Redsolid 90-303-0912 Ruby Red90-502-0912 Ultramarine Bluesolid 90-502-0912 Ultramarine Blue90-510-0912 Gentian Bluesolid 90-510-0912 Gentian Blue90-511-0912 Steel Bluesolid 90-511-0912 Steel Blue90-518-0912 Turquoise Bluesolid 90-518-0912 Turquoise Blue90-605-0914 Moss Greensolid 90-605-0914 MossGreen90-611-0912 Greensolid 90-611-0912 Green 90-716-0912 Anthracite Greysolid 90-716-0912 Anthracite Grey90-722-0912 Dark Greysolid 90-722-0912 Dark Grey90-735-0912 Light Greysolid 90-735-0912 Light Grey90-736-0912 Platin Greysolid 90-736-0912 Platin Grey90-825-0912 Light Brownsolid 90-825-0912 Light Brown90-901-0912 Creamsolid 90-901-0912 Cream90-903-0912 Signal Whitesolid 90-903-0912 Signal White 90-905-0912 Blacksolid 90-905-0912 Black90-910-0912 Pure Whitesolid 90-910-0912 Pure White90-916-0912 Traffic Whitesolid 90-916-0912 Traffic White
90-010-0912 Azure Greenmetallic 90-010-0912 Azure Green90-136-0912 Goldmetallic 90-136-0912 Gold 90-509-0912 Azure Bluemetallic 90-509-0912 Azure Blue 90-823-0912 Indiana Coppermetallic 90-823-0912 Indiana Copper90-906-0912 Silvermetallic 90-906-0912 Silver 90-907-0912 Aluminium Greymetallic 90-907-0912 Aluminium Grey 90-101-0912 Beigemetallic 90-930-0912 Champagne 90-935-0912 Titaniummetallic 90-935-0912 Titanium 90-940-0912 Bronzemetallic 90-940-0912 Bronze 90-950-0912 Greymetallic 90-950-0912 Grey 90-B906-0912 Bright Silvermetallic 90-B906-0912 Bright Silver 90-M905-0912 Metallic Blackmetallic 90-M905-0912 Metallic Black
90-W201-0912 Teakwood 90-W201-0912 Teak90-W202-0912 Teak-Lightwood 90-W202-0912 Teak-Light90-W203-1013 Walnut Darkwood 90-W203-1013 Walnut Dark90-W204-0912 Walnut-Lightwood 90-W204-0912 Walnut-Light90-W205-0114 Golden Oak-Darkwood 90-W205-0114 Golden Oak-Dark90-W206-1013 Golden Oak-Lightwood 90-W206-1013 Golden Oak-Light90-W207-0912 Mahoganywood 90-W207-0912 Mahogany
90-S605-1212 Sparkling Blacksparkling 90-S605-1212 Sparkling Black90-S606-0213 Sparkling Whitesparkling 90-S606-0213 Sparkling White90-S608-1013 Sparkling Redsparkling 90-S608-1013 Sparkling Red
White Marblestone White MarbleLight Travertinestone Light TravertineTravertinestone TravertineBlack Granitestone Black Granite
90-BB91-0912 Bright Brushedbrushed 90-BB91-0912 Bright Brushed
StandardStandard BrushedBrushed WrinkleWrinkle
Standard format:
Formats on request:

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