Experience and innovation

We have always collaborated with the best and most innovative producers of outdoor panels, also recognized worldwide. Architects, designers and customers find INPEK a technological and competent partner for the realization of their projects.

Freedom in design and individuality in the realization of your project require professionalism, modern technology and efficient times. For years we have been supporting designers, clients and façade builders on this path.

Our vision!

INPEK has, thanks to the work in close contact with architects, designers and international partners, the privilege of constantly acquiring new knowledge on innovative materials and façade projects in step with the times.

This knowledge allows us to pursue a clear vision: to provide users with cutting-edge technical, design and architectural solutions that respect the environment.

The identity!

INPEK was one of the first to introduce HPL façade panels in the market and has for many years of excellent know-how in this sector. The synergies of these experiences are clearly evident in the structure of the company headquarters.

The building takes and gives back the sensations of the environment in its main facade, in its geological stratification rendered by the alternation of dark and clear IN-HPL strips, from the background to the building, it is permeated by the inimitable nature, but with which it is required necessarily a dialogue, rediscovered in the golden yellow of the wave that surrounds the building and lets itself be shaped by a force that is no longer the natural force of the wind, but by a force that comes from man.
Arch. Enrico Massagrande, Cerea (VR)

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